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Summer Camps/Event Information

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I specialize in photographing special camp events (anniversaries, gatherings, etc.) and providing a quality product to all the campers, families, and camps for publicity use or general enjoyment.


 Here in Maine, and especially in the Lake Region area, we have some of the greatest summer camps available to our youth.

Here are some of my favorites:


  • Camp Arcadia - Casco/Otisfield *** link to event photos

  • Camp Agawam - Raymond/Casco

  • Camp Netop - Casco

  • Camp Takajo - Naples

  • Camp Cedar

  • Camp Timanous

  • Camp Laurel

  • Camp Mataponi

  • Camp Micah 

  • Camp O-AT-KA

  • Camp Pine Hurst

  • Seeds of Peace

  • Camp Skylemar - Naples

  • Camp Sunshine - Point Sebago-Casco

  • Camp Wildwood

  • Center Day Camp - Windham

  • Hoop Basketball Camp - Casco

  • Kingsley Pines Camp - Raymond





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